CDeX (Cyber Defence eXercise Platform)

CDeX (Cyber Defence eXercise Platform) i.e. cyber training range, is a unique training system which helps increasing practical skills of specialists responsible for the security of tele-IT infrastructure in respect of detecting and responding to cyber-attacks.

The training takes place in real time.

The training involves a Blue Team (a defensive team) and a Red Team (an offensive team).

Blue Team

Blue Team is a defensive team, the task of which is to protect its own infrastructure from hacker attacks, while accepting responsibility for maintaining availability and security of services, which are crucial in a given training.


  • Managing security of a real IT environment in normal business conditions,
  • Identifying and assessing IT infrastructure in respect of cyber-attack protection methods,
  • Detecting cyber-attacks among normal network activity of organisation members and external users,
  • Detecting non-standard behaviours of local users,
  • Responding to incidents and protecting organisation’s key systems,
  • Counteracting leaks and theft of data and industrial espionage,
  • Team work, allocation of responsibilities, allocation of task,
  • Acting under time pressure.

Red Team

Red Team is a team attacking Blue Team infrastructure. Red Team i san offensive team of cyber security experts.
Various hacking attacks made by the Red Team are very unique and complex in nature.


  • Analysing real IT infrastructure, its configuration and applied security measures,
  • Learning hacker methods,
  • Developing scenarios of cyber-attacks,
  • Learning techniques, tools and procedures of offensive cyber security,
  • Developing and using software verifying system susceptibility,
  • Conducting cyber-attacks in an isolated environment, with a defensive player on the other side,
  • Team work, allocation of responsibilities,
    allocation of tasks,
  • Acting under time pressure.

CDeX offers various types of training

Blue Team vs Red Team

Before the training starts, IT infrastructure is prepared. Attacks are prepared and conducted
by Red Team specialists. Blue Team members acquire new skills in cyber defence.

Blue Teaming

The training infrastructure is prepared by the Red Team in line with the delivered specification and secured by the Blue Team before the training starts. During this training, Blue Team members test their skills in detecting cyberattacks.
on their own infrastructure
and learn to respond to them.

Catch me if you can – APT

The training infrastructure entrusted with the Blue Team undergoes an APT attack (Advanced Persistent Threat).
The task of the Blue Team is to detect it and take adequate actions with a view to eliminating
the APT attack and reconstructing the infrastructure.

The upcoming CDeX trainings

Webinar dates

Training dates

Scenario title

Advantages of the CDeX training platform

Hands-on training

Practical cyber security training with the use of developed infrastructure and real threats.


Hacker attacks in CDeX reflect real threats
with the use of expertise and most modern
technologies. CDeX simulates real network
activity taking place in normal business
conditions: mail, FTP, WWW, printing, data
record on various media, messaging,
administration work.

Scenarios adjusted to training purposes

CDeX facilitates selecting appropriate scenarios, adequate for the envisaged purposes.

Flexible and scalable working environment

CDeX platform is a real and developed working environment with a possibility to excercise within unlimited infrastructure.

Automation and repeatability

A new training, based on a purpose defined on the CDeX platform, starts automatically after selecting appropriate options and defining configuration parameters.

Development of many skills

Training on the CDeX platform facilitates acquiring unique competence in a short period of time.


During training, effectiveness of the adopted strategy is verified on current basis, it is also reflected in the final report.


The gamification elements introduced to CDeX: competition, achievable challenges and a unique scoring system, increase involvement and remembrance and facilitate learning.

Team building

The formula of CDeX training naturally develops cognition needs, integration, communication and co-operation of team members.

Unique scoring system

Scoring on the CDeX platform reflects real organisation gains following from the adopted solutions and cyber security levels.


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